Characteristics and application range of the twin roller press granulator

 Fertilizer granulator machine to be designed for different type and model which it is to be used in different fertilizer manufacturing process to finish the production process.How to use the roller press granulator?And what characteristics of the roller press granulator?
The roller press granulator for organic fertilizer can be said to be very common and it is the common machine in all granulators.Because the use of the roller press granulator machine is strict with the moisture requirement of the materials,but it is not suitable for the dryer in the later stage,so the materials can be directly bagged and transported.This is an important reason why the roller press granulator machine is particularly popular.In addition,the raw materials suitable for the roller press granulator are also diverse.As long as the moisture and fineness meet the requirements,it can be extruded.

The double roller press granulator machine can be used not only for the granulation of organic fertilizer,but also for the granulation process of dry powdr such as compound fertilizer,which it is to be used in npk fertilizer production line.At the same time,it can also be used in other feed,medicine,food and other powder processing particles.The wode range of application of roller press granulator for organic fertilizer determines that it has different processing requirements in different granulating processes.
The wide application of roller press granulator equipment for organic fertilizer production line of the granulation has different processing requirements in different fileds,which are mainly mainfested in two aspects:
1.When the roller press granulator is producing organic fertilizer or compound fgertilizer,it needs to be produced according to the crushing and water content of the materials.If the materials can't meet the production requirements of the granulator,they can't be produced.Otherwise,the pelletizing rate of the particles will be reduced and they can't be screened.
2.When the roller press granulator is used to produce feed,its application conditions are not so rigorous,but the most important thing is that the production has no large requirements for the particles produced.Irregular is also good,the only requirement is the hardness of the particles,which it needs to be produced according to the relevent regulations.

Applicable scope of biological organic fertilizer granulator

With the development of environmental protection and organic agriculture, the use of organic waste to produce organic fertilizer through bio-fermentation has been rapidly developed. And the disposal of organic waste has become harmless and resource-oriented. However, most of the bio-fermented organic fertilizers are a coarse powder or irregular small pieces, which is inconvenient to use and is particularly disadvantageous for large-area machine broadcasting. In this case, a new type organic fertilizer granulator came into being. It is used to granulate various organic substances after fermentation, breaking through the conventional organic granulation process.

Application Of Bio-organic Fertilizer Granulator Machine

The bio-organic fertilizer granulator based on chicken manure, pigeon manure, duck droppings, and other poultry manure, Adding auxiliary soymeal, dregs, slag, yeast, sugar and trace elements N, P, K, and so on. And through the fermentation process, crushing or granulating into organic fertilizer equipment for chicken manure organic fertilizer products. For the farmers, most of the bio-organic fertilizer granulators purchased for self-production and self-sale, so they pay more attention to the price. For the farmers, due to the small number of raw materials, small organic fertilizer granulators are generally chosen small organic fertilizer granulator.


Why Choose The Organic Fertilizer Granulator Machine

1. The machine has the characteristics of a multi-purpose machine, and the feed can make after the fertilizer production period.

2. Due to the high power and small output, it is a small and medium-sized ideal equipment for bio-organic fertilizer plants, feed mills, agricultural and animal husbandry plants, sewage treatment plants, and so on.

3. The machine has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, simple structure, simple operation and maintenance, safe reliable, small size, lightweight, and so on. The user does not need special training and learning, and read the instructions to use it.

4. The machine has a strong anti-super ability in the processing of particles, even if it is not boring in the case of full load. It is not necessary to set the feeding device separately.

Organic fertilizer machinery is indispensable equipment for the treatment of poultry manure organic fertilizer. Zhengzhou Huaqiang Machinery can formulate economical and suitable customer’s process equipment according to the actual investment budget of customers. In the organic fertilizer processing equipment, the organic fertilizer granulator widely used in the organic fertilizer processing industry. The production of advanced organic fertilizer granulator is inseparable from the production equipment of organic fertilizer granulation equipment. Zhengzhou Huaqiang Machinery focuses on energy saving, green and low carbon, and vigorously develops the production technology of organic fertilizer granulator equipment, in order to meet the requirements of the customer.

Process flow of fertilizer production line for a new type of organic fertilizer granulator

At present,there are mainly two kinds of granulation processes:one is the extrusion granulation process from the excessive production of feed,the other is the disc granulation process.How can we produce the organic fertilizer granulator by using the new type organic fertilizer granulator?Different type fertilizer granulator machine to be used by using different type producing method.The new type organic fertilizer granulator machine is a new organic fertilizer equipment to make organic fertilizer granulator.
In organic fertilizer production line,the paticles produced by the roller press granulation process are cylindrical,and the particles produced by the disc granulation process are of different sizes,poor roundness,bottom strength and rough surface.Therefore,the fertilizer produced by the two processes has low particle strength and is shipped to customeers for many times.Half of them are powdery.What's more,due to the different sizes and shapes of fertilizer particles,the appearance of fertilizer particles is not round,smooth,uneven and rough,which is easy to be cut off by customers when sowing,so it is not popular and directly affects the product market.

The new type of organic fertilizer granulator has the advantages of uniform particle size,accurate roundness,bright and smooth surface,large particl strength,high pelletizing rate of 98% and low pelletizing return,so it can reduce engery consumption and increase output.What's more,it has greatly improved the quality and image of granular fertilizer products,which can make the products superior in the market and sell well.
As the professional fertilizer machine manufacturers,designing more new type fertilizer granulator machine and fertilizer production line to finish the fertilizer manufacturing process.In organic fertilizer production line,using these fertilizer equipment,it is easy to make organic fertilizer production process,and at the same time,it is also simplifies the working process of producing the organic fertilizer granulator.Sometimes,the same type fertilizer granulator machine can also used in organic fertilizer production line,it also can be used in npk fertilizer production line to make compound fertilizer granulator.

Characteristics and advantages of a new type of organic fertilizer granulator

The characteristics of this new type organic fertilizer granulator machine:

1. High degree of automation and easy operation.

2. High pelletizing rate, up to 99%, high finished product rate, up to 98%, granulated standard spheres, uniformly shaped granules, almost no material return, no need to use a sieving machine, which is three times efficiency of other granulators .

3. The high quality of the fertilizer production, especially for the raw materials with high crude fiber content, no filler is needed during production, the organic content of the production will not be reduced, and the effect of fertilizer is good.

4. Low water content and high particle strength during granulation. It is very easy to dry, reducing the load of the dryer, saving the amount of coal used, and increasing the output of organic fertilizer production. And the temperature is low during drying, which is not easy to damage the beneficial microorganisms, which greatly ensures the activity of the biological organic fertilizer. Especially suitable for bio-organic fertilizer production, it is an indispensable equipment for the design of bio-organic fertilizer production line.

5. Low energy consumption, 60% energy saving compared with traditional organic fertilizer production, mainly reflected in high pelletizing rate, fast production speed, low moisture, and no need for raw material crusher and return crusher in organic fertilizer pellet production line , Greatly saving electricity.

6. The production workshop is environmentally friendly and free of dust. In the organic fertilizer production line, the dust is large, and the serious pollution is crushers. Then mills are not needed in the organic fertilizer rapid granulator production line, which greatly improves the production .The workshop environment ensures a pollution-free production and improves the production environment of workers.

7. Low production cost per ton of fertilizer. This new type of organic fertilizer granulator is not only reflected in less electricity, coal and energy saving, but also in the use of less labor. In addition to not using pelletizers, other workers in the production workshop can also reduce 2-3 people. The total cost of these items per ton of fertilizer can be saved by 50 yuan, then if the annual production of 10,000 tons can save 500,000 yuan.

performance characteristics of double roller fertilizer granulator machine

Operation method of  fertilizer granulator machine.

The double roller press granulator is an important granulation equipment for the organic fertilizer manufacturing process. There is no need to add any wetting agent. The use of the roll extrusion granulator is simple in process and easy to operate. . Installation and commissioning of such equipment is also very simple.

Installation: During the installation of the granulator, the granulator is important. It is installed in coordination with the process to determine its elevation and horizontal position, and the bracket is directly fixed on the machine.

Commissioning: After the installation of the dry roll granulator, the machine to be commissioned is adapted to the production requirements of fertilizers.

1. Adjustment of the gap between the pressing roller: adjust the distance between the driven shaft and the step according to the drive shaft of the production roller: stop, the caps on both ends of the driven shaft are released, and the new setting is between the two rollers when the two parts have the same rotation direction The rollers do not collide.

2. External adjustment of the socket: 1. Axis adjustment: unload the shaft piece of the drive shaft, rotate the eccentricity, the eccentric displacement corresponds to the promotion of the active roller shaft. Adjustment of circumferential positioning: Unload and loosen the passive gear and adjustment bolt to disengage the slight adjustment sleeve and the passive gear, and roll to see the purpose of adjustment.

The installation and commissioning process of the roll extrusion granulator is simple, but pay attention to the use of no-load start, pay attention to the machine for regular maintenance, only in this way can guarantee the limited use of the machine and bring greater economic benefits to the company.

The functions of the roller extrusion granulator.

The working principle of the roller extrusion granulator is very simple, with a total of four functions:

1.In order to ensure that the equipment can achieve continuous feeding during extrusion granulation, the feeding equipment generally selects screw conveyor and vibrating conveyor.

2.This is followed by a forced feeding system. This is to control the speed of the feed. It seems that the speed is uniform during feeding, which can increase the feed volume and increase the output. Its function is to pre-degas and apply pressure in advance, thus Make the product of higher quality.

3.The dual-shaft output is used for roller extrusion, which effectively increases the speed of transportation, protects the bearing capacity of the main shaft, reduces damage, and improves the transmission effect. It can be a stable pressure of the hydraulic cylinder to allow the floating roller to run smoothly.

4.Granulation: The material sent by the conveyor driven by the motor is crushed by the shredding system, and then the powdered material is evenly added to the jersey shake, and then enters the roll mouth after forced degassing and pre-pressing, according to the specifications of the particles , With the rotation of the pair of rollers, it gradually reaches the shape. Then complete the automatic demoulding process.

The whole granulation process does not need to add any other items. It seems to maintain the high quality of the original product. The granulated particles are packaged and sold in products that meet the requirements of industrial standards after screening. Otherwise, it will be returned to this for re-granulation.

How to use organic fertilizer equipment to solve the pollution of livestock and poultry manure

The organic fertilizer equipment for livestock and poultry manure needs to be equipped with fermentation tossing machine, disc granulator, horizontal mixer, roller screening machine, semi wet material grinder, cooler, dryer, coating machine, automatic quantitative packaging machine and other equipment. The cow dung organic fertilizer equipment produced by our company is advanced in technology, energy saving and consumption reduction, reliable in operation, stable in operation, compact in process layout, scientific and reasonable, no three emissions, convenient in maintenance, and wide in raw material adaptability.

Pollution of livestock and poultry feces to soil: livestock and poultry farmers usually directly apply livestock and poultry feces to the farmland for the purpose of waste utilization. However, since the feces contain a large amount of sodium and potassium salts, the increase of sodium and potassium elements will damage the soil structure and lead to the decrease of soil permeability. In addition, livestock and poultry feed contains some metal trace elements, which are not absorbed by livestock and poultry and will be directly excreted through feces. If they act on farmland, they will seriously damage the soil and affect the output of the land.

There are many kinds of organic fertilizer production equipment, but the main difference is the difference in function and output. Let's take a look at what a complete organic fertilizer production equipment includes. Commonly used equipment includes:

Fermentation tipping machine: the fermentation tipping machine is also divided into tank type tipping machine and self-propelled tipping machine. It is mainly used for the fermentation of raw materials, deodorization and sterilization, and plays the role of complete maturity.

Organic fertilizer pulverizer: Vertical Pulverizer and semi wet material pulverizer are commonly used to pulverize fermented raw materials. The finer the pulverization, the higher the success rate of the production, and the fuller and more beautiful the particles.

Forklift feeding bin: for the uninterrupted feeding of production, the role of the feeding bin is to temporarily store materials and then connect them to the production line for feeding. It is divided into ordinary feeding machine and symmetrical feeding machine.

Organic fertilizer mixer: vertical mixer and horizontal mixer are common. They are mainly used for mixing raw materials and auxiliary materials to make organic matter more evenly distributed. When adding trace elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc., fully stir to make the materials more uniform, which is suitable for the mixing of common organic fertilizer materials.

How to reduce the failure of bio-organic fertilizer granulator?

Failure of organic fertilizer equipment in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process will affect the normal work schedule, delay the production plan and cause production losses. We believe that organic fertilizer companies should carry out countermeasures to reduce the failure of organic fertilizer equipment to save capital for production.

Give you a summary of the following countermeasures to reduce the failure of organic fertilizer equipment for your reference:

Countermeasures to reduce the failure of bio-organic fertilizer equipment:

(1) Maintain the initial and basic state of the organic fertilizer equipment and maintain the original design parameters: this is the basic work, that is to say, the first step in reducing the failure of the organic fertilizer equipment is to restore the basic state of the organic fertilizer equipment;

(2) Strictly abide by the operating regulations, prevent and avoid destructive operations, and prevent and avoid overload operation: Most organic fertilizer equipment problems are caused by improper operation or inadequate maintenance. The meaning of regulating employee behavior is to prevent and reduce this Organic fertilizer equipment problems caused by simple reasons;

(3) Continuous discovery, prevention and repair of natural deterioration, so that the organic fertilizer equipment can be repaired in the potential failure state: the significance of independent maintenance, through the first-line employees to participate in the first time to find the problem, comprehensive standardization of production maintenance, advocacy and One of the most important steps in removing the six sources is to solve the problem of the source of the failure;

(4) Correct the defective design, and carry out active maintenance of incidental improvements to the design and manufacturing defects of organic fertilizer equipment;

(5) Prevent man-made deterioration, avoid man-made damage, and prevent destructive maintenance;

(6) Control any abnormal external conditions, and control the acceleration factors for the degradation of organic fertilizer equipment.

No matter what equipment, as long as it is equipment, there will inevitably be some failures. Perhaps because of the quality of the equipment, or because of improper use, or because of long-term use, parts wear, etc., the organic fertilizer equipment will also have some failures after a long time.

Common failures and elimination methods of disc organic fertilizer granulator machine

Disc organic fertilizer granulator machine is a family member of fertilizer equipment, which plays an indispensable role in the production of spherical granules. There will be some problems in the use of the disc granulator. So, what problems will occur, how can we eliminate these problems?

First, the disc tilted excessively. The more problems encountered in the use of disc organic fertilizer granulators are the grasping and adjustment of inclination. In fact, there is no specific parameter for your reference, but it should be based on the formation of spherical particles. The adjustment measures are to adjust the bolts at the bottom of the disc to change the position and angle of the reducer to achieve the purpose of normal use.

Second, molding is difficult. In addition to the subjective factors of the raw material composition, the spherical particle forming of the disc organic fertilizer granulator is in addition to the subjective factors of the raw material composition, the fineness of the raw material, the water content of the raw material, the addition of the auxiliary binding component, the angle of the disk operation, the speed of the disk operation, etc It is also a problem we commonly encounter. According to the reasons for the above problems, and then make some improvements, we can reach our expected value.

Third, the particles are not uniform. This problem is a common problem in the single-machine operation of the disc organic fertilizer granulator. The treatment of such problems is generally divided into two parts. One is to improve the moisture content, and the other is to control the size of the shaped particles. Then, after drying and sieving, we narrow down our selection.

Fourth, intermittent operation. Such failures of disc pelletizers are generally caused by broken bearings, weightlessness of the disc body, and abnormal motor voltage. Shun vines, timely maintenance, can quickly eliminate the operation failure of the disc granulator.

How to use granulator to produce organic fertilizer pellets at low cost?

So far, more and more people are joining in the production of organic fertilizer. The most common and convenient method people choose is to make organic materials into pellets.

So if you want to make organic fertilizer particles, the choice of granulator is particularly important. At present, the most popular choice is drum granulator and disc granulator. These two granulators have been used in large organic fertilizer wet granulator plants. So if you want to build a small yield organic fertilizer pelletizing plant, how to make fertilizer balls economically is a key problem. In addition to large organic fertilizer granulator, we also have a granulator specialized for the production of a small amount of dry fertilizer particles: dry extrusion granulation equipment. Using dry extrusion granulation, the produced particles do not need drying and cooling. You can pack them directly, which saves you a big part of the cost of machines like dryers.

 The fertilizer particles are cylindrical in diameter about 3-8mm. If you want fertilizer balls, we have polishers. Fertilizer polishing equipment is used with fertilizer granulator auxiliary machine. The appearance of fertilizer particles is more uniform and rounded. For small organic fertilizer production lines, connecting the flat granulator to the polishing machine can get round fertilizer balls more economically than using other granulators. If you want to make large organic fertilizer balls in this way, you only need to buy some flat mold granulator, we can design a reasonable layout and production line for you.

Advantages of using disc granulator to process chicken manure organic fertilizer

Advantages of using disc granulator to process chicken manure organic fertilizer

1. The chicken manure organic fertilizer does not contain any chemical components. Due to the poor digestion ability of the chicken, it can only consume 25 nutrients, while the other 75 nutrients in the feed are discharged with the feces, so that the dry product contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic matter, amino acid, protein and other components.

2. The main substance in chicken manure organic fertilizer is organic matter, which increases the content of organic matter in soil. Organic matter can improve soil physical, chemical and biological properties, ripen the soil, and improve soil fertility. The proverbs that the land depends on dung and the seedlings grow on dung in rural areas of China reflect the role of chicken manure organic fertilizer in improving soil to a certain extent.

3. Chicken manure organic fertilizer not only increases many organic colloids, but also decomposes and converts many organic substances into organic colloids through the action of microorganisms, which greatly increases the adsorption surface of the soil, and produces a lot of sticky substances, making the soil particles cemented into stable aggregate structure, improving the soil's water, fertilizer and air permeability properties, as well as the ability to adjust the soil temperature.

4. Chicken manure organic fertilizer can also make a large number of microorganisms in the soil multiply, especially many beneficial microorganisms, such as nitrogen-fixing bacteria, ammonifying bacteria, cellulose decomposing bacteria, nitrifying bacteria, etc. Chicken manure organic fertilizer contains various active enzymes secreted by the digestive tract of animals and various enzymes produced by microorganisms. These substances can greatly improve the enzyme activity of the soil after being applied to the soil.

Applying more chicken manure organic fertilizer can improve soil activity and biological reproduction and transformation ability, thus improving soil absorption, buffering and stress resistance.

The disc granulator is applicable to the granulation of organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, compound fertilizer and organic-inorganic compound fertilizer: the disc granulator is face to face, easy to control and flexible to adjust. A water spray device is installed above the disc to make it spray out in the form of fog, and the materials are continuously flowing into the rotating disc by the belt conveyor or other conveying equipment, and are carried to the top with the rotation of the disc. Then it falls along the bottom of the disc to the bottom. At the same time, due to the addition of misty water, the material gradually forms particles in the process of rotating and falling with the disc. As time goes on, the particles gradually increase. The disc granulator is designed with an angle adjustment mechanism. The user can determine the inclination angle of the disc according to the size of the required particles. Generally, the inclination angle of the disc can be adjusted between 35 ° and 50 °, and the particles meeting the specifications are floating above the inclined disc, As the disc rotates, the particles are thrown out along the tangential direction of the disc, and then flow into the feed inlet of the belt conveyor and pulled into the next link.

The small organic fertilizer processing equipment is suitable for the treatment of small farm manure, which not only solves the problem of manure, but also increases the income of the farm. The whole set of organic fertilizer production line can be operated by only 2-3 people, and the complete set of powdered organic fertilizer equipment can meet the production demand of about 40000 to 60000 yuan